Nice to meet you

My name is Bruno Pazzim and I lead a team of very smart people making digital products. All that while pretending to be smarter than they are - and gladly failing on the latter.

Everything I do involves building things. I’m a maker at heart.

I founded and work at Data Science Brigade, a data science consultancy. We work with small and big data to come up with answers to relevant problems our clients are facing. We're the makers behind is Operation Serenata de Amor, a project using artificial intelligence and open data to facilitate social control of public administration. It’s also the most funded technology project in crowdfunding history in Brazil, being on the cover of the most read newspaper in Latin America and on national television.

Previously I founded and worked at CODELAND, a software development company working around the globe in helping companies to build digital products and transition into the digital era. We elaborated products that make lives better, cities smarter and gives power to the people from end-to-end.

Before, I worked for tech companies building software and with data analysis aiming decision-making for Fortune 500 companies.

I write articles about startups, bootstrapping, remote work and about hacking my way through building a company while having genuinely good life.

I used to be a superhero on weekends and got to travel the world because of cosplay as a guest in several different conventions. I happen to be the national champion of the World Cosplay Summit where I represented Brazil in the finals held in Nagoya, Japan. I finished that journey writing a book about the techniques I use on armor and weapon crafting.

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